Now Available: Meltano v1.31.0

Today, we are excited to release Meltano version 1.31.0, which contains the first set of changes related to our recent decision to go all-in on Meltano as an open source self-hosted data integration pipeline platform and direct our focus away from the non-technical startup founder persona, the sales analytics use case, and the UI as the primary means of interaction with Meltano. Expect further details and context in a blog post later this week!

Specifically, version 1.31.0 contains the following changes relative to 1.30.1:


  • #1987 Restore GitLab and Zendesk data sources in UI
  • #2005 Add “Don’t see your data source here?” option in UI
  • #2008 Clarify that pipelines UI only supports target-postgres
  • #2007 Don’t install airflow, dbt and target-postgres by default as part of ‘meltano init’
  • #2007 Only run ‘airflow scheduler’ as part of ‘meltano ui’ when airflow is installed
  • #2007 Install airflow, dbt, and target-postgres on DigitalOcean images


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