Now Available: Meltano v1.34.2

Today, we are excited to release Meltano version 1.34.2, which fixes a number of bugs related to Meltano’s built-in support for the Airflow orchestrator.

Excited to try it out?

To upgrade your local installation of Meltano, activate the appropriate Python virtual environment and run meltano upgrade from inside a Meltano project, or pip3 install --upgrade meltano from anywhere else. If you’re running Meltano inside Docker, run docker pull meltano/meltano.

What else is new?

The list below (copied from the changelog) covers all of the changes made to Meltano since Tuesday’s release of v1.34.0 and v1.34.1:


  • #2076 Fix bug that caused Airflow to look for DAGs in plugins dir instead of dags dir
  • #2077 Fix potential dependency version conflicts by ensuring Meltano venv is not inherited by invoked plugins other than Airflow
  • #2075 Update Airflow config and run initdb every time it is invoked
  • #2078 Have Airflow DAG respect non-default system database URI set through MELTANO_DATABASE_URI env var or --database-uri option


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