Now Available: Meltano v1.40.1

Today, we are excited to release Meltano version 1.40.1, which (among other things) makes meltano config and the UI automatically store configuration in the most appropriate location (meltano.yml, a .env file, or the system database), taking into account whether the project is deployed as read-only using a new project_readonly setting, and whether the setting is sensitive or environment-specific.

This means that you can now use the UI locally during development to not just add plugins and schedule pipelines, but also manage their configuration just as easily as you would using the CLI, with the exact same effect on your project files.

At the same time, you can now deploy Meltano UI in production and disallow changes to project files that should go through version control, like adding plugins and scheduling pipelines, while still allowing settings to be changed and stored in the system database as long as they are not already set in the environment or meltano.yml.

meltano config <plugin> set logging and error handling have also been improved to make it more clear what is happening, and where your settings are being stored.

Excited to try it out?

To upgrade Meltano and your Meltano project to the latest version, navigate to your project directory, activate the appropriate virtual environment, and run meltano upgrade. This will upgrade the meltano package and apply any necessary changes to your project.

What else is new?

The list below (copied from the changelog) covers all of the changes made to Meltano since the release of v1.40.0 on July 14:


  • #2171 Add better logging and error handling to meltano config
  • #2154 Add ‘project_readonly’ setting to block changes to containerized project files, but still allow UI and CLI to store configuration in system database
  • #2157 Add ui.analysis setting which can be disabled to hide all functionality related to Analysis from the UI
  • #2169 Log warning when pipeline state was found but extractor does not advertise state capability


  • #2171 meltano config <plugin> set will now automatically store settings in meltano.yml or .env as appropriate.
  • #2127 Config stored in meltano.yml or .env can now be edited in the UI when read-only mode is not enabled


  • #2109 Fix bug causing adding extractor with related transform plugin to project in UI to fail when dbt hasn’t yet been installed
  • #2170 Restore support for referencing arbitrary env vars defined in .env from meltano.yml using env var expansion
  • #2115 Stop meltano commands from leaving empty .meltano/run directory behind when run in non-project dir


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