Now Available: Meltano v1.53.0

Today, we are excited to release Meltano version 1.53.0, which lays the foundation for out-of-the-box support for different variants of extractors and loaders, like the transferwise and datamill-co variants of target-snowflake and the singer-io variant of tap-facebook.

It also unblocks us from updating Airflow to the latest version and supporting Python 3.8 by having Airflow no longer inherit Meltano’s own virtual environment when invoked. Thanks, Niall Woodward, for contributing this change!

Finally, it makes sure that plugins are always installed using the latest versions of pip and setuptools to ensure support for all modern PyPI packages. Thanks, Charles Julian Knight, for contributing this change!

Excited to try it out?

To upgrade Meltano and your Meltano project to the latest version, navigate to your project directory, activate the appropriate virtual environment, and run meltano upgrade. This will upgrade the meltano package and apply any necessary changes to your project.

What else is new?

The list below (copied from the changelog) covers all of the changes made to Meltano since the release of v1.52.0 on September 28:


  • #2134 Let different variants of plugins be discovered and let users choose which to add to their project


  • #2112 Stop inheriting Meltano venv when invoking Airflow


  • #2372 Upgrade pip and related tools to the latest version in plugin venvs


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