Office Hours Recap: Meltano Hub Launch

In case you missed it, we covered three big topics this week in office hours: Meltano Hub launch (which we’ll demo officially in Friday’s Demo Day), the new Stream Maps capability we are adding to the Singer SDK and Singer ecosystem, and our work on a native Athena target for Meltano and dbt. The full video is below.

Click through to YouTube description for topics and timestamps.

New Stream Maps Feature

The bulk of time this week was dedicated to discussing the new draft spec for our Stream Maps capability. This new capability adds a variety of new inline stream transformation capabilities, including: data encryption, PII obfuscation, stream aliasing, stream bifurcation, stream filtering, and more. This is an extremely powerful feature, and we believe the entire Singer community can benefit from these new capabilities.

When the feature launches later this month, it will come out-of-box on all SDK-based taps and targets, and we will also launch a custom plugin which can be placed between any tap and target, even legacy taps and targets which were not built on the SDK.

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To learn more about these features, or to provide input, please find us on Slack or drop a comment into any of your favorite issues or merge requests.

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