Meltano SDK v0.1.4 is Now Available

We are excited to announce the latest version of the Meltano SDK. With this release, we’re thrilled to add automatic support for stream, field, and schema selection as well as a brand new set of cookiecutter templates for new projects.

Here’s the full list of new features in this release:

  • Added selection rules support for record and schema messages (#7, !26)
  • Added support for GraphQL query variables (#115, !78)
  • Improved cookiecutter template coverage, resolved readability issues. (#116, #119, !75)

This release also includes two fixes:

  • Resolved tap failure when a stream is missing from the input catalog. (#105, !80)
  • Resolved bug where unsorted streams did not properly advance state bookmarks for incremental streams. (#118, !74)

Stream selection as a built-in feature

This release adds the powerful stream selection feature, which allows a tap user to filter down the columns and tables which should be sent to the target by setting selection logic inside their catalog file. With this feature, tap developers do not need to parse the catalog or perform any column filtering logic themselves. Column selection logic for the records themselves, as well as for the SCHEMA messages, are all handled by the SDK automatically.

If you’ve already built a tap with the SDK, simply run poetry update singer-sdk to import the latest SDK version for your tap.

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For more information or to join the conversation, find us in the #singer-sdk channel on Slack!


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