Meltano SDK v0.2.0 is Now Available

Today we are excited to announce the latest version of Meltano SDK for taps! In this release, we are adding the ability to create Parent-Child stream relationships, which was the most-requested feature by developers using the SDK.

Where previously, tap developers needed to create complex nested loops and error checking, this new SDK feature quickly and easily define relationships between parent and child streams. The SDK automatically takes care of orchestration, error handling, and state tracking. Check out the updated docs for instructions and sample code to get you started.

What else is new?

The list below (coped from the changelog) covers all of the changes made to the SDK since our last v0.1.6 release on May 14.


  • Added support for parent-child streams (#97, !79)
  • Added support for configurable metrics logging (#91, !79)
  • Added ability to use fewer state bookmarks by setting Stream.state_partitioning_keys to a subset of available context keys (!79)


  • Renamed the optional partition dictionary arg in method signatures to the more generic context (!79)


  • The methods Stream.get_partition_state() and Stream.get_stream_or_partition_state() have been deprecated in favor of the new and simpler get_context_state() (!79)


  • Code coverage is now tracked and available as a tool for SDK contributors to further improve overall stability and help prioritize unit test development. (#39, !89)

Come see the SDK in action

Tomorrow in our fortnightly Demo Day, we’ll be demoing an end-to-end Meltano implementation which utilizes the new Parent-Child streams capability. We’ll also demo an AWS Athena loader built with the Target SDK Preview and our Athena dbt transformation pipeline running natively against S3 files.

As always, you can find us on Slack in the singer-sdk channel and/or join the conversation in weekly #office-hours.

Hope to see you soon!


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