Your AI product needs a data backend

Stop wasting time on your own OAuth flows, API integrations, and embeddings pipelines.

Instantly access all your customers’ data sources; raw, mapped, or as vector embeddings.


    Connect to any data source

    1. Multi-tenant credential management
    2. Credential onboarding via OAuth, form, or API
    3. Isolated storage for each tenant’s data
    4. 500+ APIs, DBs, and file formats out of the box
    5. Custom connectors for niche or private sources

    Define the desired shape

    1. Auto-embeddings for similarity search & LLM RAG
    2. Unified data models for similar sources, e.g. CRMs
    3. Flexible per-tenant entity/property mapping
    4. Optional columnar storage for analytical workloads
    5. Custom data transformation using SQL & Python

    Access data however you like

    1. Instant APIs for every source and data model
    2. Direct SQL access from your ORM or BI tool
    3. Vector similarity search over embeddings
    4. Autogenerated Python and TypeScript SDKs
    5. Custom API access control and monitoring

    Manage data infra as code

    1. Declaratively define data sources, models & APIs
    2. Iterate with confidence using Git and code review
    3. Test your data flows end-to-end in CI
    4. Validate changes in isolated environments
    5. Deploy from a GitHub pull request or Git branch