meltano benefits

The Infrastructure for Your Data Stack

Go From Zero to a Modern, Open-source DataOps Platform in Hours

Your Data Stack Maintained from the CLI in Minutes


Deploy Anywhere

Meltano provides the ultimate flexibility in deployment options. Own your data stack, end to end.


Largest Connector Library

Run any of the 300+ taps and targets available in the Singer ecosystem.


DevOps Best Practices

Run workflows in isolated environments, execute end-to-end tests, and version control everything.



Open source to give you the power to build your ideal data stack.

ELT Data Process



Fetch data from anywhere – database, API, files, and more, all in the Singer format.



Send data to your data warehouse, file system, object store, or API – anywhere that accepts Singer data.



Transform your data your way, using the best in class tool for SQL transformations – dbt.

Our Users

3,000-plus Companies and Counting
Building With Us to Create a Seamless Data Integration Experience

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Meltano Tools and Features


Your Meltano Project

Define your entire project as code and collaborate confidently with your team.


Integration Just A Few Clicks Away

The Meltano CLI enables you to rapidly create your project, making it easy to start replicating data.


Transformation As A First-class Citizen

Meltano is designed to be the best way to run dbt to manage your transformations.


Orchestration Made Simpler

All it takes is a few keystrokes to get started with Airflow and run you data workloads.


Containerized and Ready for Deployment

Your entire data stack is defined in your project, making it simple to deploy it to production.


A UI For Management And Monitoring

Less comfortable with the command line? Use the built-in UI to get your data stack up and running.

Industry Insights

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Trends in DataOps

Meltano Team in Lisbon

Assemble Recap: Company On-Site in Lisbon

Ever wonder what goes on at a Meltano off-site? Here we dive into the details and give you some tips for planning your own company off-site.

Building Composable Pipelines for the DataOps OS

Over the last few months, we’ve launched two long-awaited new features: one that unlocks the future of the DataOps OS and the other which uses that feature to dramatically improve the entire Singer ecosystem. These are composable pipelines, implemented via `meltano run`, and the other is Singer-based stream maps, implemented via the mapper plugin in…
reverse ELT

Succeeding with Reverse ETL

The recent transition from the traditional to the modern ELT pipeline has greatly impacted the way organizations operate. Learn about the functions of Reverse ETL, its advantages, the tools that support it, and tips for its successful implementation.

Your Complete Guide to Composable Pipelines via Meltano Run

Meltano has added the long-anticipated `run` command, enabling a series of command blocks. In this article, you’ll learn why the `run` command is a game-changer for teams maintaining complex pipelines and explore some best practices for using it.
Getting started with DataOps

What Is a DataOps Platform and Why Does Your Team Need One

Learn about DataOps and the advantages of a DataOps platform as well as how to choose the right one for you.

Why Data Engineers Need DataOps

Learn what DataOps is, its history, its advantages, and its limitations. By the conclusion, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether DataOps is the best fit for your team.

Meltano is Trusted by Thousands


“Meltano has improved our cycle time greatly by reducing the time to develop and deploy.”

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Maarten van Gijssel
Senior Software Engineer at HackerOne
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“Meltano rocks

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Oliver Laslett
Co-founder and CTO at Lightdash
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I’ve started playing around with Meltano and it is just incredible!

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Jacob Matson
VP of Finance & Operations at Simetric