Meltastic by Meltano: April 2023 Edition

What happened in the Meltano universe in the last four weeks? We shipped six releases, people built targets for Meltano “in one hour,” and dozens of new taps & targets made their way to the hub.

Let’s get to the details. 

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What got shipped?

Busy as bees, we shipped six releases this time, four for the SDK with heavy community support and two for Meltano. 

List of all releases

  • Meltano v2.19.0 now allows to install plugins using “meltano install –schedule=my-schedule” and Mac-performant docker images. 
  • Meltano v2.18.0 now allows you do disable calls to the hub (for discovery) via a feature flag. It also adds a “meltano docs” command, opening up the documentation in your browser.
  • SDK v.0.26.0 added support for parameters in string form inside URLs. That’s useful, for instance, for LinkedIn Ads and other API endpoints requiring parameters as strings in the URL.
  • SDK v0.23.0, v0.24.0 and v0.25.0 added a lot of JSON payload-related helpers to the SDK, making it easier to build sophisticated API taps.
  • Shipped with many community contributions from @space192 @acarter24 @longtomjr @msardana94 @flexponsive @DanielPDWalker @BuzzCutNorman @mkranna @DanilJr!

Community & Hub updates

This month we saw a TON of updates and additions to the hub; I’ll try to list most of them, but no guarantees. We went from 550 to over 600 connectors!

We added

Meltano Related Content

A lot is happening around Meltano on the web. We’re selecting a few pieces here. Be sure to check them out if they sound interesting.

Keep on being Meltastic! And if we missed your contribution to the community, just hit us up on Slack, LinkedIn, or wherever. 


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